Rates and Dates

Become a household name

Repetition works. An 8-week ad series is recommended for your business to become a household name. Showcase your business with a 1/16th to a full-page ad. We can make an ad in any size to fit your budget in any combination. Pick one town or do all 7.  

Discounts are built into two or more towns pricing.

Display Ad Deadline:

Thursday, 5 PM prior to Wednesday publication. 

Ad size guide (inches)
Front Page 7.25 Wide by 8.5 High
Back Page 7.25 Wide by 8.5 High
Full Page 7.25 Wide by 9.625 High
Three-Quarter Page 7.25 Wide by 7.21 High
Half Page 7.25 Wide by 4.60 High or 3.5 wide by 9.625 high
Quarter Page 3.5 Wide by 4.60 High
Eighth Page 3.5 Wide by 2.3 High
1/16th Page 3.5 Wide by 1.5 High