Suburban Shopper Testimonials

Lillian Beckerman Avatar
Lillian Beckerman
9/12/2022 - Google

I was more than satisfied at how this paper advertised our event. I sincerely believe it increased attendance.The customer service I received exceeded my expectations and the price. was more than reasonable.

Patti Casserly Avatar
Patti Casserly
7/07/2022 - Google

Suburban Shopper is a pleasure to work with. Very nice people that are easy to deal with and actually do what the customer requests. I highly recommend them for your advertising!

Jonathan Kingsbury Avatar
Jonathan Kingsbury
6/30/2022 - Google

It's been a pleasure working with Nate and the team at the Suburban Shopper! They have brought me business and I'm so appreciative of everything they do! It's cool that you can view current and past publications directly on their website! If you are looking to drum up more business in targeted towns, I highly recommend reaching out to them!

John Phinney Avatar
John Phinney
6/22/2022 - Google

I have been advertising with Suburban Shopper for some time now Nate is the best in the business I highly recommend

Obadias Garcia Avatar
Obadias Garcia
6/20/2022 - Google

Suburban Shopper works great ! I have been advertising over 4 years and I get a ton of jobs. The company staff is helpful , friendly and offer many years of marketing experience. I Couldn’t ask for a better company to work with and it’s helped grow my business in the local area.

Paul McDermott Avatar
Paul McDermott
6/10/2022 - Google

I have been using the suburban shopper papers for 30 plus years. They
have the right paper in the right towns, the adds pull hard with great results. I have used both classified and display adds over the years, pending on the service or product I was offering. Staff always helpful in targeting market and creating the adds. If you have a service or products to offer, these papers are a must use !

Mary Stenson Avatar
Mary Stenson
6/07/2022 - Google

The staff at the suburban provides a personal service customized to your needs. Their work is stellar and their customer service is like none I’ve ever had. I was talking to a human being and not a robot. It made me so happy. Everything was top notch. They met all my needs. I highly suggest using this resource. It was a pleasure!!!!

Chris Sampson Avatar
Chris Sampson
6/07/2022 - Google

I recently started a small business. I had reached out to the Suburban Shopper team for help with the advertising process. Their advertising price point met my needs for a company just starting out. I would have to see a majority of my business comes through the Suburban Shopper ads and highly recommended for anybody that is looking to grow their business.

Walnut Tree service Avatar
Walnut Tree service
5/27/2022 - Google

They have always been so helpful with us and delivering everything we ask for.
Nathaniel always responding emails at a timely matter and going above and beyond for our company with our ads.
Thank you Suburban Shopper Media for exceptional services always.

Sarah Patch Avatar
Sarah Patch
5/11/2022 - Google

I have found reliable and trustworthy companies through the Suburban Shopper Magazines!

Julio Ramos Avatar
Julio Ramos
5/01/2022 - Google

Used them for the first time because some of my buddies used them and immediately got calls and just closed a $45,000 job through then the second week using them.

Kevin Keating Avatar
Kevin Keating
5/01/2022 - Google

Nate and his team are the BEST! Could not for better service or a better paper to advertise in.

kelly williams-bent Avatar
kelly williams-bent
6/01/2021 - Google

I sell pure haven and thought I would give the suburban shopper a try and it worked out well for me!!! The whole suburban shopper team was so easy to work with from beginning to end. I highly recommend them!

Staula Plumbing Avatar
Staula Plumbing

For over 10 years I have only used one paper to advertise my business: The Suburban Shopper because it’s the only one that works. I get steady work every week from the papers, in fact i just landed a $7,000 job from Suburban Shopper.

Danielle Barros Avatar
Danielle Barros
6/01/2019 - Google

My name is Danielle and I work at H.E.I. We have been using suburban shoppers for quite some time and they’ve been amazing! I am unable to drive and they’ve helped me in every way possible to accommodate for my situation. They are always Kind,Friendly, and awesome to work with.

Andrew Peterson Avatar
Andrew Peterson
6/01/2019 - Google

Suburban Shopper helped me reach out to lots of new business! All of my online google & facebook ads were getting drowned out & falling flat but the SS cuts through all that. They get my business straight into people's homes & in front of their eyes. Thank you SS team!

Gary’s Paint Avatar
Gary’s Paint

I recently put my ad in The Suburban Shopper and the very first day it was published I received calls for jobs. By the second week I had made over $10,000 in profit.

Sunbrite Chimney Avatar
Sunbrite Chimney

Suburban Shopper has worked for me over many years and continues to generate new jobs for my chimney business. It’s been an excellent advertising decision for me.

JJL Masonry Avatar
JJL Masonry

Suburban Shopper works – period. This is one of the best platforms to get new jobs as well as receive additional referrals from those jobs.

JW Carpet Avatar
JW Carpet

One of the best places to advertise. Extremely happy with the response.