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Bright White Paper

After 60 years of printing on the same paper we made the bold move to switch to a bright white paper. We are happy to report that this has been a big success. the ads pop like never before and people are taking notice.

Glossy Issues

When we saw how the ads look on glossy paper we just had to give it a shot. We made the initial investment and began with 5000 addresses in select towns. This has been a success and we are now branching out to more addresses and more towns.

Phone App

Suburban Shopper contracted with one of the top tech companies to create a companion phone app as we realized more and more of your potential customers where searching their phones while out and about looking to buy things. We intend to put your ads right into the hands of these potential customers with this new app.

The Exclusive

A new postcard sized product for select towns. Watch a video of this exciting new product here.

Why should you choose Suburban Shopper

Just a few reasons to consider

Established 1959

Experience. We know what will work for your business. We are here to advise you on the right ad and we will even create the ad for you if necessary.


Although we already reach hundreds of thousands of addresses we are not done yet. We are adding new towns and new types of papers to reach more.


When you book an ad in the Suburban Shopper you are sending your message directly to the people who live and work in your area. This is your best opportunity to grow.

I was skeptical about print advertising based on my previous results with other print publications however after placing my ad in Suburban Shopper I have been receiving a steady amount of calls that transition into good paying jobs. I’m glad Nathaniel was persistent in selling me advertising, I can see now why he had so much confidence in the paper
M&J Roofing
I was pleasantly surprised, I started out with 8 weeks of ads and even before a month was up, I had landed several jobs with many calls still coming into my office I have since requested to extend my advertising in Suburban Shopper Magazine
Martin Forde
J & M Masonry