Suburban Shopper Media is a publishing company located in Stoughton, MA
We offer various direct mail publishing products including 8 separate papers called Suburban Shopper Magazine. The Suburban Shopper publication is mailed free to every home and business in Sharon, Canton, Milton, Stoughton, Easton, Norton, Mansfield and our newest edition in Randolph.

Choose to advertise in one town or all of them. Since 1959 business owners have relied on our papers to help build brand recognition in the local area. We work with some of the top names from Tree removal to real estate and everything in between.

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Established in 1959
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Direct Mail Publishing Products
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Print Circulation

Our Products

Suburban Shopper Weeklies

Reaching nearly 40,000 homes and businesses in Sharon, Canton, Milton & Stoughton

10,508 addresses
9,960 addresses
6,724 addresses
12,509 addresses

Suburban Shopper Monthlies

Reaching nearly 40,000 homes monthly in Norton, Easton, Mansfield…NEW! Randolph

9,662 addresses
6,951 addresses
9,513 addresses
13,041 addresses

Exclusive Oversized Postcards

Get your business directly inside the homes of 2500 high income consumers with our Exclusive Postcards. This direct mail piece is one the largest size postcards that can be mailed by USPS

Community Values

Since 1992, Community Values Magazine has been directly mailed to homeowners..This high quality, full color, gloss magazine is mailed 4x times a year exclusively to high income residents reaching a combined 72,000 address. There are 3 separate editions to choose from:

23,000 addresses
27,000 addresses
22,000 addresses

Business Menu

The Suburban Shopper took the idea of our local restaurants and their success with their inserts in our papers and created our own Local Business Menu. The Shopper’s Local Business Menu is designed to feature local businesses all in one spot as an easy go-to for our readers when looking for a specific home or professional service they may need.

Video & Social Media

Suburban Shopper Media has established a web presence through our website and social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Digital Editions

Available weekly right on our website!